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Web Engineer

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Web Engineer

Ref: CS194044
Job Information
Position: web engineers to realize better marketing and better life with IT
Department assigned: Research Platform Division
Details of assigned department: This department develops and manages various products for the marketing research industry.
Employment status: Full-time employees
Trial period: Yes (3 months)
Working hours: 10:00 to 19:00

Work address: "[Location details]
7-18, KOSUGI Building, 1-28-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
【access About 5 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Recruitment background:
To strengthen the system through business expansion

Job Description
"You will be responsible for a series of planning, development, and operation of Maps for Survey. Actively incorporate client needs and new technologies to develop services that are valuable to users. In addition, "" growth "" is emphasized, and it is important to create new opportunities such as improvements for the team to grow, introduction of new technologies, wide discretion for the growth of themselves, and new service development. It is.
■ Main business
・ Development needs review / selection (study for both business and engineers)
・ System planning, design, development, management (devops oriented)
・ Development and business improvement (proactively try member proposals)

■ Features of MApps Engineer
・ Business xIT
∙ Focus on the idea of how to solve problems with IT with interest in business
・ Emphasis on "" team "" (flat cooperation)
If the company and services are to improve, we will give our opinions freely and cooperate with each other. The service specification meeting will be discussed with the participation of all members regardless of job type or position.
・ Wide discretion
To reach the client as soon as possible, and to grow at the fastest rate, you will have the maximum discretion Develop services, such as development goals and priorities, and make decisions on your own at the forefront of development.
・ Work with sharpness
Hours less than 20 hours a month (may be late at night because of release)
I work responsibly and when I can get home early, I come home and work hard
・ Active self-study
Many engineers are highly motivated to grow, actively hold LT meetings and reading circles, actively propose tools, and introduce tests

■ Examples of employees active in MApps
・ Full-stack engineer who joined the company with no experience, developed server side in the first year and Android application in the second year
・ Becoming the largest PJ leader in the past 3 years
・ Become a core PJ product manager in the third year
■ Development environment
・ Language: PHP / Perl / C # / Java / Swift
・ Framework: Laravel / Slim, etc.
・ Environment: Linux / Cent OS / Mac OS X / Windows / Apache / nginx / Docker / AWS / GCP
・ DBMS: MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDB
・ PJ management: Redmine / Github / Jenkins
・ Communication: Slack

・ Supply PC
-Prepare PC of your choice either Windows or Mac
-Dual display
■ Challenging work
・ Develop share-top class services at your own discretion
-Develop based on how the entire service should be, not a single function
-Set responsibility and discretion. I will leave it to those who are motivated and capable.
・ Growth fast
-If you have abilities and motivation regardless of age and year
-A lot of employees who are challenging from early on, such as full-stack engineers in the second year of new graduates and product managers in the third year of new graduates "

Hiring requirements:
・ Development experience in open development languages (more than 2 years)
・ Strong aspiration to improve skills as an engineer
Desired person
・ I love engineering!
・ I am interested in not only technology but also how to use technology in business.
・ Implement Maps Core Value

Core Value:
-Think with your own head
-Everything from execution
-Burn your passion
-Take care of your friends
- To challenge

Expected annual salary: 4 million yen to 7 million yen
Treatment conditions / sales bonus: "Monthly wage system (including 30 hours overtime)
・ Raise: Twice a year (July, January) (Evaluation is based on contribution and performance regardless of age)

"・ Leaves and bonuses for long-time employees (3, 5, 10 years)
・ Kikumeshi: A young employee mentor system. Nominate one mentor every month to ask seniors questions and get advice
・ Icescape: The Company pays for all employee participation events. BBQ, Mapus Festival, cherry-blossom viewing etc. have been held so far
・ Shuffle lunch: Every month, a team of all employees is shuffled for lunch. Communication of vertical, horizontal and nana me members such as members who do not usually speakNk: Alcohol lifted after 19:00. Study sessions while having a drink, get along with people from other teams, free to use.
・ supporting club activities: Supporting club activities expenses. It is an opportunity for people with the same hobbies to gather, communicate, enjoy, drink, and communicate with friends
・ Employee general meeting: A general meeting is held once a year with participation of all employees. Share yearly summaries and policies for the next fiscal year, commend employees, and eat and drink to celebrate the achievement of the year
・ Employee trips: Relieve everyday fatigue and refresh. Recently, I went to Cebu Island, Okinawa!
・ Qualification support system: Supports educational materials and exam fees necessary for obtaining qualifications
・ Book purchase support: The company purchases books at the request of the person to gain the necessary knowledge and the ability to think. "

Relocation: None
Holiday: 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays, paid leave, special leave (refresh leave, Keio leave, thank you leave), year-end and New Year holidays

Application method:
Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at: recruit@b-causebd.com

More details: Web Engineer

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