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Java J2ee Certification Training

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Java J2ee Certification Training

Ref: CS160216
Course Content
• Principles of Object Oriented Programming
• Features of Java Language
• JVM Architecture and Structured topics (basics)
• Objects Oriented Programming Using Java
• Abstract Classes &Interfaces
• Packages
• String Handling
• Exception Handling
• Multi Threading
• IO Streams
• Abstract Window Toolkit with Applet Programming
• Collections Frame Work & Utility -
o Classes with (Annotations, Generics, Reflection API
• JDBC New Features
• Servlets
• Java Beans
J2EE Course Content
• The Servelet Technology
o Working of Servelets
o Servelet Lifecycle Methods
o Creating servelets
 Code a servelet
 Compile & packaging
 Deploy servelet
 Access servelet
• Classes and interfaces of servelet API
o Servelet lifecycle events
o Deployment descriptor elements
• Managing sessions and Handling errors
o Creating and managing user sessions
o Handling errors and exceptions
• Working with filters
o Request dispatcher and
o Servelet threads
• The JSP technology
o Introduction to JSP technology
o JSP lifecycle
o Structure of JSP page
o Components of JSP page
 JSP Directives
 JSP Scripting elements
 JSP implicit Objects
 JSP Actions
o Programming in JSP
 Classes of JSP api
 Steps to create a JSP application
• Using Java Beans and Custom Tags
o Including bean reference
o Setting bean properties
o Reading bean properties
o Developing JSP custom tags
 JSP custom tags
 Creating a custom tag
• Creating tags and design patterns
o Advanced custom tag features
 Custom tag API
 Custom Tags in a JSP page
o Web Application design patterns
 Value object design pattern
 MVC design pattern
 Data Access Objects Design pattern
 Business Delegate Design Pattern
• Web Security
o Authentication
o Authorization
o Data security
o Auditing
o Authentication Techniques
 Basic authentication
 Form based authentication
 Digest authentication
 Client cert authentication
o Restricting Resource Usage
 Creating authorized users
 Creating roles, mapping security roles.
• Enterprise Java Beans
o Overview of EJB
o EJB in J2EE architecture
o EJB roles and responsibilities
o Types of EJB
o Programming restrictions
o Enterprise bean class
o Remote Interface
o EJB object
o Home interface
o Home object
o Local interfaces
o Deployment Descriptor
o EJB components packaging

Over view of Springs & Hibernate Framework

Design Patterns Overview

• Singleton
• Facade
• Factory
• Observer
• Proxy
• Value objects

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