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WebMethods Administrating Training

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WebMethods Administrating Training

Ref: CS153060
WebMethods Administration Training
1. Product Information
• Overview of EAI and ESB
• Need for integration
• Webmethods Architecture
• Roles and Responsibilities of Webmethods Administrator
2. Installation of The Product
• Preparing for Installation.
• Installation of Product on Windows (OR) LINUX
o Selecting the components
o Installation of Product
o Database configuration for the product.
o Schema creation.
3. Starting and Stopping the servers
• Starting the Integration server component
o Starting Integration server from windows
o Starting Integration server from linux
• Stopping the Integration server component
o Stopping Integration server from windows
o Stopping Integration server from linux
• Starting My WebMethods server
o Starting My Webmethods Server from windows
o Starting My Webmethods Server r from linux
• Stopping My Webmethods server
o Stopping My Webmethods server from windows
o Stopping My Webmethods server from linux
• Starting and Stopping of other webMethods components
• Server Recovery and basic troubleshooting
o Starting server in diagnostic mode & Safe mode
o Generating thread dump
o Basic troubleshooting of the server
• Java Service Wrapper
o Configuration files
o wrapper log

4. The Administrator console
• What is Integration Server Administrator?
• Understating the Integration Server Administrator console and its functions
• Other basic server functionalities via Administrator console
5. Configuring the server
• Managing Server thread pool
• Managing server license and sessions
• Setting up remote aliases
• Logging configuration
o Available logging in the server
o Configuring the logging destination
o Configuring the logging level
• Working with Extended settings configuration
• Configuring ports
o What are different types of ports available
o Adding the ports to the Integration server
o Default ports of the server
o Controlling access via ports
o SSL security via ports
• Configuration of Messaging providers
• Configuring JVM
6. User Management And Access Control
• Users and Groups
o Adding and Removing users
o Adding and removing groups
o Adding user to group
o Deleting users
o Specifying passwords to users
o Predefined Users and Groups
o Central Management of Users
• Access Control List’s (ACLs)
o Predefined ACLs
o Create new ACLs
o Assigning local and Central users to the ACLs
o Assigning local and Central management users
o Securing Flow services using ACLs

7. Securing Communications with server
• Overview
• SSL communications with server
o Integration server as SSL server
o Integration server as SSL client
• Keystore and Trust stores
o Overview of keystores and Truststores
o Creating keystore and Truststores
• Configuring SSL
o Configuring integration server keys and certificates (Self Signed Only)
o Adding SSL certificates to keystore and Trusstore.
o How Integration server uses keystores and Truststores
o Configuring SSL by port
o Configuring Client certificates.
8. Deployment
• Different ways of deploying code
• Deployments
o Deployment using Deployer tool
o Deployment using Publish-Subscribe
o Deployment using Package Management
9. Other Miscellaneous Discussions
• Discussion on newly available features in the latest versions.
• Advanced components introduction and scope in the future
• Useful Documentation and material on the internet.


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